At Hanukkah Eve 1956, the first settlers came to the new settlement, as it then - Kiryat Nazareth,  Nazareth-illit - today.
In recent years, Nazareth-illit underwent a revolution, one of the largest known in the State of Israel. During these years,  the city absorbed about 25,000 immigrants.
No similar growth rate in the history of the community in Israel. Today, Nazareth-illit has about 52,000 residents.

Nazareth-illit is blessed with extraordinary balance of achievements throughout the years; All residents affiliate these achievements, veterans and new immigrants. The solid foundation laid by veterans community was incremental with arrival of immigrant groups and residents of the city, over the years. This infrastructure was fertile ground for the development of modern and sophisticated industrial factories in industrial areas such as 'Ziporit', and other public buildings, hotels, shopping centers and more, Dynamic plant of construction and growth, attentive to needs and wishes of residents and youth.

We Excel in one of the best education systems in Israel which is our Crown Jewel gem.
Nazareth-illit lies at the confluence of three religions in Israel. We and our neighbor, the city of Nazareth, inhabit the Jewish religion, the Muslim religion and the Christian religion, and live together in friendship and peace, with the desire and ambition embroidery relationship of understanding and cooperation.
Our city has a proper and efficient management of it excellence awards were from the Interior Ministry. Beautiful Israel Council - '5 beauty stars' awarded us the fifth consecutive year.

Nazareth-illit is the state of Israel realization. The city has developed as visioned by David Ben Gurion, the country's founder and the first prime minister, and became a city and the capital of the province of Galilee.
In the field of foreign relations, Nazareth-illit constructs an extensive network with several twin cities worldwide:
We thank you for your interest in Nazareth-illit, and invite you to visit.
Nazareth-illit municipality  -  address: 16 Gilboa st. Nazareth-illit 17682  ,  phone: +972-4-6478888