We stand poised on the threshhold of a new era in the history of the city of Nazareth-Illit.
With a bird's-eye view of an abundance of past achievements we look unflinchingly into the future,
which beckons us all to meet the challenge of creating a better future and quality of life for the inhabitants of our city.
A city strong, unified and committed to quality.
We endeavor to meet great challenges and development programs, to fortify and advance all areas of municipal activity.
Undoubtedly, our greatest challenge lies in enhancing our channels of investment in you, and strengthening your confidence in your municipality and city.
All this is possible.
A firm foundation, laboriously constructed, stands in our favor; we abound with enormous creative powers and an abundance of human resources; a wealth which can transform any vision into a reality.

Together: city council, administrative personnel, municipal employees and residents of Nazareth-Illit, we shall succeed in bringing significant change , striving to improve and stabilize a strong community.

I do not believe in instant solutions but in hard work and team effort in which all of us participate.
Education, social services, leisure, employment, infrastructure, environment, municipal service, population absorption and long-range planning -to each and every one of these areas and all of them put together I shall grant the greatest attention in planning, budgeting and action.
I regard the municipal website as a central tool granting full transparency to municipal activity, enabling ongoing follow-up and review of municipal activity.
I invite you to be in touch with us and to receive updates on municipal activities, cultural events, municipal news, and to take advantage of various on-line services and to subscribe (free of charge) to the "Ironalit", the virtual municipal newsletter.
I have no doubt that direct contact via our website serves to improve communication vis-a`-vis city residents and the municipality.
I invite and urge you to address me on any matter and query and to bring forth any ideas and suggestions you may have for improvement and enhancement of productivity.
May you have a pleasant surfing experience,
With Kind Regards,

Shimon Gafsou, Mayor of Nazareth-Illit